Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019

    Link to a copy of our RHPBA Newsletter 2019 Spring/Summer Edition. 

    Kudos to Jo Hickman for putting it all together.

    This newsletter is packed with info about the RHPBA 2019 Convention/ Reunion in Las Vegas

    So much to see and do. Your President Stan Irwin and Event Chairman Randy Eckert and others
    have worked tirelessly to make this the best ever.

    We have guest speakers, a top-notch show " Beatles Love"., Field trip to Nellis to visit Thunderbird Hanger
    and RED HORSE and Civil Engineering Squadrons, Banquet, Hoover Dam Field Trip and Golf to choose from.
    Plus, much more. Silverton Hotel & Casino is only a shuttle ride from the strip

    Note Pages 4 & 5 to learn more. Our spouses and guests will find plenty to do!

    Dick Aldinger, Newsletter Editor


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